Noms dérivés des noms de tribus ou de localités .

Noms dérivés des noms de tribus ou de localités .

Assabti-Esebti-Arabe-de Ceuta.

Ha-Assabti-Ha-Esebti-Hebraeo-Arabe -de Ceuta.

Tanji -Arabe-de Tanger.

Cohen Tanugi– Hebraero-Arabe – de Tanger

Alhyayni-Elhyayniarabe-des Hyayna

Hyayna (en arabe : الحياينة) est une confédération tribale arabophone marocaine dont le territoire historique se situe au nord-est de Fès, représentant l'une des plus importantes ethnies de la région prérifaine. Elle est formée de trois tribus : les Oulad Amrane, les Oulad Aliane et les Oulad Riab.

Afasi-Elfasi-Ben Alfasi-Ben Elfasi-Arabe-de Fes

Cohen Elfasi- Alfasi- Hebraeo-Arabe-de Fes

Azaoui-Ezaoui-arabe d'Azaouia dans le district de Fes

Ben-Aazawi-Ezaoui-arabe– d'Azaouia dans le district de Fes

Ben-Hamiam-arabe-de Haniam dans le district de Fes

Ben-Tata-arabo-berbere-de 'Ain Tatta dans le district de Fes

Atazi-Etazi-Ben Atazi-Etazi-Tazi-Ben Tazi-arabe de Taza

Al Mesh'ali-Elmeshali-Ben Mesh'al -arabe-de Dar Ben Mesh'al dans le district de Taza

Qaqun-Kakon-berbere- localite pres de Marrakesh.


Surnames derive from one of many different origins. Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. This family name is a toponymic (derived from a geographic name of a town, city, region or country). Surnames that are based on place names do not always testify to direct origin from that place, but may indicate an indirect relation between the name-bearer or his ancestors and the place, such as birth place, temporary residence, trade, or family-relatives.

In some cases Cacon is a Spanish variant the family name Gasgon. Gascon is associated with the French province of Gascogne, also known as the Duchy of Gascony when it was ruled by the English from 1152 to 1453. Jews lived there from the 4th century. Gascon is documented as a Jewish family name in the 16th century with the Jewish scholar, Abraham Gascon of Gascogne. Kakon is also a toponymic, associated with Kakon, a locality in the Mevasheh territory, in the northern area of the river Al-Aujah, Morocco; or with the village of Kakon in the Marrakech region, Morocco. Kakon is recorded as a Jewish family name in the 14th century in Portugal. It is also recorded in 1555, with Samuel Kakon, mentioned in a list of Jews from Portugal, executed in Ancona, Italy.


Asulin-Ben Asulin-arabo-berbere-fraction des Ait Tizgui N'Opasouline de la tribu des Glaoua, versant Sud de l'Atlas

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