Mariage juif a Mogador

חתונה במוגדורDuring the engagement period

All is carefully arranged,

The youth can visit his betrothed.

But the reverse?

My heavens, no!

That cannot be done!

At the future bride's abode,

 As for battle

 They are girding,

Everyone preparing

 En garde No time for shirking!

Artisans come to do their part

 Some arrive as others depart.

Here we see the mattress-maker.

Sitting on the ground is he.

The making of a marriage bed

Is a crucial event;

It's ceremony carried out

In the presence of

Both families.

From his knotted hand

There surges an enormous needle,


Like a battle sword.

He plunges this weapon in the cloth

And behold!

A fine mattress emerges.


Before sewing it up,

Here, my friends

Is what is done.

At the very top we slip

A Kalb of sugar well wrapped up.

This is what will guarantee

Tender nights, all worry-free.

Then the laughs begin

And allusions mingle

One conjugates :

I love, you love, he loved

And we throw upon the mattress

Many gifts, and also Ghrama

Three weeks before the wedding

The invitations are announced

Not in writing, be aware!

But aloud, by an A'rrad7

The words were rendered into verse

Of this you can be assured.

The A'rrad, his voice resonant and strong

Blending wishes and hopes in his song.

Sam'o, ya eulad Souira

Kal senior flann ou siniora

A'ndna Iferh'a kbira

Bass n'a'rdo a'leikeum

Ou'la eidadkeum

Bass tkeuno m'a'na

Fel a'rss di eidadna

Obzehd Llah Meulana

Nerdolkeum felfarh' ya hoina

Oulah ykter hirkeum bla kiass

Onkeulo tenkiou, vierci ougracias


Which means :

 Listen sons of Essaouira

 Thus sav 'Senor' and his Seiiora

 It is with joy and with delight

 We have the honor to invite

 You to attend

The marriage of our children

 And, with the help of God,

 Merciful and also good,

 We will in turn reciprocate.

 May God provide

 All your hearts' desires

 And let us all together express

Thank you, merci, and gracias.

But you still have seen nothing,

Here is the "Sabbath of Beginning."

 The Shabbat el bdiann.

 The Shabbat before the marriage

. All the city comes to pray,

 Congregants crowd in together,

Some in front and some behind,

 And everyone among them knows

 That all expenses are defrayed

 By the father of the bride.

The Paitanim

Singers of reputation

Sing their Piyuttimu

According to tradition.

After the prayers, our spirits gay,

We embrace, and hurry away.

We go to the betrothed's for an aperitif.

We sing, we drink, and we eat,

Then slip away on furtive feet.

The closest kin remain for Skhina,

And if they stay for Minha prayer,

It is because they are welcome there.

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