Mariage juif a Mogador-fran-angl

mariage juifBut her friends

 Dispel her sadness.

 Leading her blithelv

In a whirl of lightheartedness.

 Gailv, thev sing and dance,

 Leaving behind all worry. The young girl feted here

, Crowned with flowers ear to ear,

 Is ready for the ceremony

 Of the Henna.

Which is presented in a bowl

At the peak of the party.

With her hands and feet coated in Henna,

The fiancee prepares for sleep.

She is carried to her bed,

And falls asleep

With golden dreams.

Finally comes

 The long-awaited moment.

 Oh, my friends, what emotion!

 The bride is queen,

The groom is king.

On Wednesday,

At around midday,

The invited guests arrive,

Overflowing with gaiety

At the house of the groom.

The engaged couple, upon their shoulders,

Are carried in a great brouhaha

To the house of Rah'a\

The Msem'in are already on hand

To play tunes of Ala25.

The boys sing and dance

Almost falling into a trance.

The girls trill Zgharit

Their favorite melody.

And in the middle of the room,

There is a dais

 Of embroidered velour.

 It is the Talamon

In memory of King Solomon's throne

We lead the couple to the canopy

 To celebrate the Huppah ceremony

 The Rabbi, with solemn voice,

 Blesses them for a life without worries.

 The words Hare Atbarely said,

 When the Zgharit commences anew

 Soaring direct

 To His Throne

 To implore His blessing

For this splendid couple.


How thev are fair!

 And bless them

And their new abode.

But what does the Hatan hold in his hand?

It is a fine crystal glass

That he shatters with a heavy key

If we break the glass in this way,

Believe me, it's not without reason –

The broken glass :

In memory of the destroyed House

The Temple of times past.

The key,

Symbol of the new home

Which the couple will make their own.

After having eaten and drunk,

 After the speeches have been heard,

 After the cakes and the tea,

 Served with joy and gaiety,

 All take leave of the couple, farewell!

 And go, and leave them all alone.


Not always;

Because at times,

My word,

They are so young,

Timid, without experience,

Nervous and without patience…

Then a goodly woman

Stays on a while,

And ardently explains to them

What, how and when.


She tells them

What is permitted

And what forbidden.

This woman is a fount of science

While I, your narrator, am reduced to silence.

The next day is called the "Sbah"

The couple, still drowsy,

 Radiant and happy,

Host their two families.

 And with them, friends,

 Well-meaning and kind,

They have all come to hear

: "All is well, L'a'rossa a'la hir!

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