Marriage in Mogador – Poem

mariage juif 0001Marriage in Mogador – Poem

Good folk, listen to me

Incline your ears and you will see

How, oh you who are wise,

We, in Mogador, A marriage solemnized.

A marriage in Mogador, yes,

It was something marvelous!

What am I saying? It was a work of great art…

In which, through these words, I will let you take part.

So, my friends follow me

These things not occurring naturally,

Know that,

Complicated though it may have been It was truly of great simplicity.

How did the bonds come to be tied?

How came the two to stand

Before the Rabbi?

Through a matchmaker? No!

What then could it be?

A meeting? A letter? A reverie?

But not at all!

It happened this way :

On Yom Kippur Day

Walking slowly, between two prayers,

Our young men would step out for air

In the Mellah or Medina1. And who met them there

 With graceful little steps?

Our young girls, of course

All slender of waist,

Barely painted of face,

And all in white their dress.


The boys dared a glance.

 And the girls?

They batted their lashes

And looked in turn.

Their eyes met

Blush rosied her face

 The bashful young man

 Stood petrified in place.

And at Sukkot, my friends,

The parents of the young girl

Received a visit

From an emissary

Who declared quite openly :

"I have been sent by Mr. ׳X'

Give to him your daughter so lovely!"


If before they made reply

They served him a drink

And some food besides,

He understood them by this, to voice :

"Go find another

This boy is not our choice."


If before serving him,

 They spoke, and discussed

On and on, without end, Then, my friends,

 This indicated

That they found the boy worthy

Of being accepted,

And that they were ready, from the very next day,

To grant him their daughter's hand.

This, you see,

We learn

From the sages,

Who must be followed in all cases.

  Took at the biblical precedent

 When to Rivka's kin Eliezer went!

The proposal accepted

The days are counted.

One meeting, then another ensues :

"Here are our terms,

What are yours?

Where and when?

Who will for the wedding provide?

And the house, on what floor

Will they reside?

And, tell me, what will be brought

 As a Sora by the bride?"

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